Meet The Team

Laura Webster


Laura is a third year Multimedia Journalism student at Glasgow Caledonian University and member of liberation group Caledonian Women. She is currently the editor of GCU magazine The Edit. She has been making music solo and in her duo Old Barber for several years, started the youth politics website Have I Got News For Youth in 2015 and has written for various blogs and newspapers, covering mostly fashion, drag, music, food and culture. She also loves Lambrini. Her hair has been both the colour of peach and cherry lambrini, in fact.

Eilidh Campbell


Eilidh Campbell is a politics student at the University of Strathclyde and our wee resident podcast hen. She is a really, really big fan of dogs. Like really.

An extra thank you to Ellie Weston for designing our gorgeous pink tartan header!

If you’re a Scottish lady, a gal currently residing here, or a femme presenting Scottish person and want to come write about your fellow talented women or would like your work showcased, message our FB page!