Getting Spooky With Ghost Girls Society

Rachel Watson and Emily Wylde are two Glasgow based artists who started working together under the Ghost Girls Society guise four months ago. They are largely an illustration collective but have their first ever club night planned on Saturday 26th November in BLOC+. Their work is hyper feminine, futuristic and cute – I spoke to the girls about their art and their upcoming venture into the clubbing scene.

Emily on the left, Rachel on the right (sadly not a rap that will be played on the night)

What is Ghost Girls Society?

Ghost Girls Society is the result of a friendship formed on the basis of a mutual love for the arts, music and pop culture. We’ve been working under the name for just under four months and already have an abundance of plans and ideas moving forward. We just wanted to create a platform and see where it took us. Initially we were just posting our illustrations on Instagram and then we started taking on commissions for posters and designs, mainly for gig promoters and bands. We got together one night and started making playlists and put them online, next thing we know we have our own club night.

Tell me a little about the night you’re planning.

Our first official night is at BLOC in Glasgow on the 26th of November. Dancing. Dancing is the plan, plus some fun surprises. The night is for anyone and everyone, as we want to appeal to everyone; like we do with our illustration work. Music wise, we’re both in to everything… genres such as 80’s pop, 90’s trance and more current pop too. We have plenty of r&b and hip-hop jams lined up. AND even some tunes to mosh to. We’ve essentially taken all of our favourite Glasgow club nights, put the Ghost Girls stamp on it and hosted it in a more intimate setting. The smoke machine is loaded and the disco ball is ready to spin… As are we.


Why do you think female collectives are so important right now?

We didn’t set out to be a female only collective, we just happen to both be on the same page with what we wanted to do. We want things to progress naturally so don’t want to force it to be something that isn’t within our comfort zone. It’s just the two of us currently and further down the line we’ll definitely consider recruiting other like-minded creatives to contribute regularly, of any gender. It’s more important to us that everyone is like-minded and having fun. It’s a bonus if we can inspire others at the same time.


Who are some of your own woman influences?

Rachel – 

The lovely El Parks (one of the creators of Drugstore Glamour) is hugely influential in my life. We DJ’d together years ago in Edinburgh and she’s always been really supportive of my drawings when I didn’t think I could do anything with them.

Patricia Colli who is a Brazilian artist based in San Francisco. I’ve been buying her wee zines and prints for years and have them framed all around my room. Her work is really fun and mad and I always found it really inspiring.

Emily – 

Rachel, who inspires me every day. I’ve never had anyone believe in me so much, and it’s genuine. True love right there!

Melissa Pierce  who I met a few years ago through a band that I toured with doing merch. She lives in Jacksonville, Florida. She’s the most talented graphic designer and illustrator that I’ve ever known. Her work is so clean and professional. We collaborated on an illustration project for last December, we played time zone relay and completed an entire series of graphics. She’s definitely helped me to get to where I am now with her words of encouragement and praise.

There’s then the likes of Robin Eisenberg, Laura Callaghan and Gemma Flack (to name a few) who all create colourful female focused art which really inspires my work for Ghost Girls.

Give us a taste of some of the tunes you’re gonna play on the night!

We post a playlist on our blog every month! This month the playlist acted as a teaser for what to expect on the 26th.


What do you want to accomplish with Ghost Girls Society?

We have so many ideas but we’re in no rush to throw ourselves in at the deep end. We just want things to progress naturally and have fun along the way! Keep your eyes peeled.

Keep up to date with Ghost Girls on their tumblr, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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