Fannying Around With Edinburgh’s Premier Genderqueer Drag Queen DJ

20-year-old caffeine fuelled Murray Tait, aka Groundskeeper Fanny, is a rare bird in Scotland. Combining various elements of pop, high and low culture, Tait represents a style of drag that few can replicate. With regular appearances at nights like Such A Drag and The Rabbit Hole Tait has established a strong following across Scotland and the U.K, even appearing in Manchester earlier this year. On Wednesday 28th September, Murray made their solo DJ’ing debut at Nice N Sleazy’s Drugstore Glamour (c’monnn, follow up article!) and wrote this about their experiences with Dj’ing at the popular Glasgow club night. 


Working with the Drugstore Glamour girls is one of the purest nights of fun I’ve had in a long time. I’ve been DJing and MCing for some years now under my drag alias ‘Groundskeeper Fanny’, and as my day-to-day genderqueer counterpart Murray, but nothing brings more joy or throws me back to that magic first time you’re involved in a club night than Drugstore. I think, primarily, because I started out in the club scene under the wing of El – one of the creators of the night – I’m very comforted by the way she does things. There’s no artifice or pretence to it. We’re just a group of talented and creative friends playing some of our favourite songs in a basement bar that we all decorate to look like a cross between a 70s porn set and a childs birthday party.

When I was first offered a hand in joining the team for one of their nights I didn’t know what to expect but I knew it would be worth my own nervous anticipation. I’d worked on nights before with the team that were a bit more grungey, namely DM Lovers through in Edinburgh which was a sort of Vivienne Westwood + This Is England wet dream (with added tunes of course). Going into the night I could see how passionate everyone was about aesthetics and it’s very apparent at the night. But, going beyond the purely visual, the songs are absolute bangers. Each belter exceeds expectations after the last and the vibe in the room usually leaves me drained but giddy when we leave – like a child trying to stay conscious through Christmas dinner after staying up all night and having present overload in the morning.


 In a sense I feel like Drugstore is what’s missing from our regular club jaunts. God, I sound like a promoter… But it’s true. What we all really need from time to time is to swan into a bar and dance like an animal to Fleetwood Mac or Cyndi Lauper whilst sticking gems to our face. If you haven’t tried any or a combination of my previous statement I implore you to locate the nearest Poundland and FREAKING DO IT. Buy a multipack of gems, buy a vintage, velevet cocktail dress and pray that the next sound you hear is Chaka Khan. You won’t regret it.


Murray was kind enough to make a lil Spotify playlist of their fave tunes from their set so you too can enter the world and vibe of Groundskeeper Fanny x Drugstore Glamour. So have a listen and of course a wee boogie here

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