An Interview With Tidlin

25-year-old Jamie Mowat is a self described “illustrator-y art person” in her fourth year of animation at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee. She has worked as a freelance illustrator since the tender age of 17. When I asked for a brief description of who she is as a person, Jamie responded “Beer and wine and gin and long walks on the beach.. are things I like? This sounds like a dating website application, good.” Regardless of her inability to big herself up her work under her alias Tidlin is absolutely fantastic, and with almost 1000 likes on Facebook and commission after commission, Tidlin is certainly one to watch on the Scottish art scene.

What initially got you into drawing?

Definitely my mum, she used to draw pictures for me to colour in when I was a tiny human (mostly Thomas the Tank Engine and The Little Mermaid themed).

One of Tidlin’s illustrations.

What and who influences you in your art?

There are so many artists I could mention, I always focus on colour as the most important factor in my illustrations so I tend to lean towards work that involves striking palettes, regardless of medium.  Oleg Oprisco’s photography, Sachin Teng’s animations and Martine Johanna’s paintings are definitely current favourites. 

You’ve also worked in animation and printmaking; would you like to do more of this?

I love screen printing.  I spend so much time in front of a computer that I find running away to the print studio very relaxing; it is also very therapeutic to work with paint and paper and escape Photoshop for a while.  As for animation, it is definitely not something I enjoy and although I have learned a lot from studying it at DJCAD it isn’t something I’m interested in right now. 


Is it difficult to balance being at art school and managing your prolific work as Tidlin?

It’s been challenging, I’ve pretty much stopped commissions for the past few months to focus on finishing everything for degree show – as much as I enjoy freelance work it just became too much with 4th year, working part time and doing an internship.  Once university is over I’ll definitely be back on track.

You’re very popular online, do you enjoy selling your work in person too?

I do like selling work in person and think it is important as an artist, last summer I helped create a project called POPDUNDEE which involved getting artists from DJCAD to participate in pop-up shops around Dundee.  Half of my dissertation was about the rise of the pop-up shop scene in the UK and how it intertwines positively with the creative market.  Also I’m not popular online, you’re mental.

prawnWhat’s been your favourite work and/or project now?

I’m currently interning at Dreamland Clothing which is really fun.  Working on my degree show film is also proving interesting; it’s called Ghost Vomit Zoo and there are lots of hidden Kanye West references.  And then I’m also doing a project on Dads and how ridiculous they are.  Life.

An original Tidlin piece titled “bbqDad.jpeg”

What are your future plans as Tidlin?

I definitely want to work with more local businesses, be it holding exhibitions or doing illustrative work for them.  And screen print more!

Buy and view Jamie’s incredible work here and keep up to date with her on her Facebook!

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