Pink To Make The Boys Wink

Written by Luna Webster

It feels weird to write about myself – as a journalism student the vast majority of my time is spent writing about the achievements of others. But as a Scottish female creative myself I felt it was acceptable to write a little about my band’s new EP.

spacey me

In 2014, we released our last record and a lot happened since. I was physically attacked, relocated Glasgow and began university, made vague attempts to control my mental health and maintain my creativity that has travelled with me through my teen years.

This EP means a lot to me and I am not ashamed to say both myself and Taylor especially (seriously Taylor is an insanely talented producer), have worked exceptionally hard to put it together and make it lyrically honest and sonically strange, alternative electronic pop that makes you dance and put glitter on your face – but it’s about the hardest two years of my life.

The band at our most glamorous.

I hope you enjoy the music, inspired by my childhood icon Kylie Minogue, 80s stars like The Human League, Depeche Mode and Talking Heads, while also taking influence from modern hyper feminine pop like PC Music. Part of writing this EP and using the colour pink is linked to my relationship with my gender. I increasingly feel like gender is performance, and as a woman, why not heighten that feminine performance to extremes and be experimental with it, as I have been on this record. Pink Panther is all about the strongest aspects of femininity and particularly so in a creative industry like music, which I have been involved in since I was only 14.

Please enjoy and share our hard work!

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